Amplify Your Expertise: How to Create Your Own Economy From Your Intellectual Property.

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The biggest challenge professionals face when moving from employment to entrepreneurship is continuing to think and act like an employee.

This is why I've created this video series. This is for you if you want to build a coaching, consulting, expert or thought leadership business around your intellectual property.

Join Tina in this video series and you will learn (and be fully prepared to implement) the 8 components necessary to create a thriving business from what you already know.

In this video training you will learn:

WHY THAT GUY (GIRL)! It Should be YOU - You'll discover what you need to know to get PAID for what you know!

Becoming The Authority In Your Industry - You'll discover how to become the authority in your industry and how it's more than just the pictures you post in your social media. You have to back it up with real intellectual property.

How To Add A Digit To Your Income - I will give you a blueprint to monetize your intellectual property so you won't just get popular, you'll get paid!

Tina Brinkley Potts

Founder TBP University

School Of Creating Your Own Economy

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